Thursday, April 26, 2012

Senior Portrait Artists ~ Colorful Maniesha

 Maniesha is as unique as her name suggests.  She is living her life outside of the box and doing an amazing job at it!  She attends an on-line high school based out of Denver and is already working on her college degree two days a week. She raises steers for 4H and rocks a ball gown in her model-like physique. She is a huge fan of the color teal (turquoise-blue) and all other colors for that matter.  It was her idea to incorporate balloons to the photo shoot, not to mention her idea to get into Junction Creek in a prom dress!  Love that!  Thanks Maniesha and April, it was such an amazing afternoon with the two of you!

Thank you to Kellie Abel at Lemon Head Salon for the fantastic hair style!

Wesley's Photos 


  1. Beautiful! I love the stories about working with your people as much as I love the pictures.

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