Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miss Macy Brown's First Year of Life Photography

I admit, before I had a baby of my own I was one of the first to appear on site to welcome a friend's baby to the world. However after giving birth to my son, the most innocent being in my life, the last thing I wanted was to be bombarded with visitors. Yes, I wanted to share my sweet Odin with the friends and family, but I wanted the environment to be as germ free as possible for him. Plus I was exhausted, so the thought of having to put on a social face for onlookers was almost intolerable. I think most moms can relate to this.

I cried when I got the text announcing the arrival of Miss Macy. Since having Odin I have cried every time I learn of a birth or pregnancy of a friends. The whole process from pregnancy to birth is so incredible pulls at my emotions just to hear about someone experiencing it. After the announcement of Macy's arrival a huge part of me wanted to jump into my car and race to the hospital to get a peek at her. I restrained myself for two weeks to give new parents Cordell and Sarah some space. This Sunday we finally met face to face and again I was crying. Macy is absolutely perfect. Odin looked huge net to her. She was so light and smelled so sweetly of baby scents. In addition to her splendor she is giving her parents a run for their money from about 8 to midnight when she shows off her ability to cry. Oh, the many joys of parenthood! We are sending good sleep vibes Cordell and Sarah's way.

We are excited to document Macy Brown's First Year of Life!


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  2. These photos are stunning, as are Miss Macy and her incredible parents...

  3. So happy to get to see Macy. Thanks for sharing! Precious!

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