Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reason to celebrate!

A long awaited brother was added to the Seale family this summer. I have been the fortunate photographer to document Savanna's last few years of growing into the perfect big sister she now is. This little sweetie even gave me a hand made Christmas present this year. It was a necklace made with a heart shaped bead on a string. As her Mama said "You are one of the few to receive a Savanna original." I have to admit it was my favorite Christmas present. :) I just love this family!!!

Durango family pre-snow!

What a group! Erika contacted me to photograph her family before it snowed! So this is a "catching-up" blog. All of theses beautiful kiddos were unbelievable well behaved. I have to give out some big props to the parents for that! The best part of this shoot was the leaf fight... always! :)

Nicola and Jason's Pregnacy Photos In a Durango winter wonderland.

I love it when clients are willing to go the extra mile to create beautiful imagery. This amazing couple journeyed into the fresh snow and stripped down to their bare skin to document their first pregnancy. I think the stripping down to bare skin was against Jason's better judgment, but he was a trooper and went along for the ride. I am yet again blown away by the strength of women particularly the pregnant woman featured below. Wow!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The birth of Noah William Kapustka

WOW! I have developed an even deeper understanding of how strong a woman can be. Right now one of the strongest women I know is Rachel Kapustka. I was invited to be a witness, supporter, and documentor of the birth of Nick and Rachel's first child Noah William. Nick and Rachel's ideal birth was arranged to take place in their home. That was where it all started at 9 p.m. on Thursday morning. I arrived around 10:30 p.m. so excited I was finding it difficult to breath. This was the beginning of an unbelievable 46 hours of labor. After working as hard as she could to bring her baby into the world on her own. Nick and Rachel made the call to go to the hospital for some assistance while both the mom and baby were still doing well aside from the exhaustion of laboring for so long. Nick got to hold Noah first while Rachel recovered from surgery. We are all so grateful to have this healthy little being in our lives. He has already taught us some important life lessons about patience, trust and faith. I am honored to have been part of such an amazing experience and look forward to watching this family grow and thrive. The Kapustkas came home from the hospital today.

A sassy, creative Christmas idea

I am honoring my clients privacy by not revealing anything more than her legs, but I must share at least this one photo. This lovely lady approached me last spring to start organizing her photo shoot that for last Thursday. This multipurpose shoot was a gift for herself and for her husband. It was a celebration of being a mom of twins, a recent successful surgery and the power of being a woman. There are so many beautiful images of this hot mom it is difficult (but special) not to share more.