Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ExposurSELF ~ A Film Project!

Question: What is it that you are doing?

Answer: Using our photography to help empower women.

Question: How?

Answer: Good question. The film we are working on "ExposurSELF" is a documentary that confronts and redefines cultural standards of beauty for women. Hopefully this film we are creating can better answer the question of "how" we do what we do. We have had the fortunate opportunity to work with film maker Christina Knickerbocker. After her own photo shoot with us she said, "The work you do for women needs to go global. Let's make a film documenting the process a woman goes through when she does a photo shoot with you." Christina inspired this film project.

Want to know more? We just launched our website

The images below are a small sample of the unfolding of an event that can best be understood by experiencing it's wonder first hand. But with strong skill of Christina's film crew we hope to reach a broader audience that can help us change how women our viewed and valued in our society. It's a big goal, we know, and we believe in it! If you or anyone you know believes in our cause please hit the "donate" button on the donate page of ExposurSELF.

Thank you for your support. We have had so much fun creating with the Goddesses you see below.

Tiny T, The Newest Wildman in the Wilderman Family

Welcome sweet baby Titus. We just met and I am already in love. Sadly Kyla was sick on the day of your shoot, but you will steal her heart too, I have no doubt.

There is a lot of love vibrating from this family of four as you will see below. The brothers are getting along great and enjoy naps together often. Mama Linda, our personal trainer at Wilderman Fitness is already back in the gym working out. What??? Yes, this is crazy, but she is a trainer, so I guess we can't be too surprised.

The deal with the coffee beans? Well, that is because Linda's family is from Costa Rica and Cody's family owns a coffee shop so we incorporated Titus into the coffee beans. These kind of images always make me a bit nervous with newborns, but Titus was a trooper. He peed on the beans to show he was less then enthusiastic, but a patient little man for sure!