Friday, February 22, 2013

The O turned 2

Two... such a milestone. Now this sweet baby is shaping into a little man. He talks, walks, uses bad language appropriately. That last one we are less than proud of, but it is an honest reflection of one of our parenting flaws. However, you just have to look at this kid to know that he is perfect beyond measure. I am so proud to be the mom of such a intuitive, kind and rowdy little being. Even though he has teeth and poops in the toilet, I am happy he is still little enough to form into a ball and fit into the nook of my arm for a snuggle. Odin William Jenkinson, you truly are the meaning of life and I am forever grateful for you my love! Put best in Odin words, "I you." XO Mom

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Penelope ~ aka Our Little Lucky Penny

Jane and Mike have become dear friends of mine in the last couple of years. Kyla and I were blessed to meet Jane and her family when we photographed her sister Jeanne's wedding years ago. I knew then that I wanted to hang out with Jane more often, but it wasn't until Jane and Mike's wedding in June 2011 that we reconnected.

This past Forth of July, Jane, Mike and I decided to float the Animas with everyone else in Durango. As we stood on the banks watching tube after tube float by, Mike and I drank a PBR while we aired up our own vessels. Jane denied the cold beverage and at once I thought, "odd". I think she knew I might ask sooner or later, so it was then and there that I found out that a little one would be joining their family this winter. It is hard to believe that the time has already arrived and Penelope Margaret is now and will forever be part of our lives!!! I am thrilled! I told Jane at her baby shower that I wish I was pregnant with her. I am pretty sure everyone there thought that I meant that I wanted to be pregnant. I didn't mean that, I just meant that I love Jane so much that I want us to be those moms that pile the little gooses into our backpacks and trudge through the hills of D-town attempting to get some fresh air and exercise while putting our babies to sleep. But no worries, Jane, I will still join you on any hike, walk, stroll or picnic that you want to go on. And I can always borrow my nephew. :)

Lots of Love,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Remarkable

Oh Mama! Looking back through these photos after two separate shoots one would think "Oh what a blissful life parenting must be," but as my dear friend Carly can now attest, it is beautiful and brutal all in the same cup of tea. The beautiful part is that sweet little Endler really is the best behaved newborn one could ask for. However, poor Carly Mama didn't get out of jail free. She put in 58 hours of labor to bring this little man to us. That is not an exaggeration. Then a week after birth she got breast infections in both breasts followed by a clogged duct. This is like having full on flu symptoms, while a miniature human sucks on this now very sore and already sensitive body part. Carly just stopped by the studio and news is they have turned the corner. One day at a time. Nothing keeps you in the moment like a kiddo. Just one of their many gifts to us.

Baby Grace

Beautiful Baby Grace, we have been so excited to meet you! It wasn't long ago that your mama and papa were singing you lullabies down by the San Juan River. Now you are here and you are perfect.

Estella and Brad had Gracie at home with the help of our beloved Juanita Nelson with Community Midwives. What an amazing experience to have welcomed this gorgeous baby into their life in their very own home. Such a cozy home, I might add. I admire this family very much, I know it's not easy being a new parent, but they have already given Grace such a wonderful, healthy start to her life.

John and Kara ~ Durango Coloroado Engagement Photographers

 Finally John has met his match! We met John 6 years ago (I think it was 6) at a job where he was filming and we were photographing. We love him because he is a dork, so we all hit it off right away. The great thing about John is that he knows he is a bit dorky. However, when we first met him I don't think he was truly aware of the cuteness factor that he also possessed. Well, he caught on!

Wesley and I fell in love with Kara when we interviewed for the job to photograph John and Kara's Wedding. She is of course stunning! She has these eyes that just suck you in like a bashful cartoon character princess. They are unreal! Then add her authentic and sweet personality and she'll have you at "Hello!" That's how it went down for us anyway.

We were going for a cheesy (fun) snowy/ski mountain engagement shoot. We didn't make it to the top of the mountain because it was snowing, but we found a good stop along the way!!!