Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Remarkable

Oh Mama! Looking back through these photos after two separate shoots one would think "Oh what a blissful life parenting must be," but as my dear friend Carly can now attest, it is beautiful and brutal all in the same cup of tea. The beautiful part is that sweet little Endler really is the best behaved newborn one could ask for. However, poor Carly Mama didn't get out of jail free. She put in 58 hours of labor to bring this little man to us. That is not an exaggeration. Then a week after birth she got breast infections in both breasts followed by a clogged duct. This is like having full on flu symptoms, while a miniature human sucks on this now very sore and already sensitive body part. Carly just stopped by the studio and news is they have turned the corner. One day at a time. Nothing keeps you in the moment like a kiddo. Just one of their many gifts to us.

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