Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrating A Super Cute Couple ~ Amy and Aaron

Amy and Aaron will be getting married this September in Durango. We are so excited for an "in town" wedding! There is something so special about being part of all the action of a wedding while also being engulfed in all the action of downtown Durango in the fall. There will be an art show on Second Avenue during the wedding festivities and Amy and Aaron are up for taking some fun photos amongst all the vendors. FUN!!! Congratulations you two, WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mother Earth ~ Juanita

The definition of Mother Earth lies in this woman's demeanor. She represents everything nurturing, grounded, safe and comforting. It is not surprising that she has delivered more than 1,000 babies into this world, including our beloved Mr. Odin. 

When we decided to produce a show at Eno this up-coming winter in collaboration with Michelle Campbell, Juanita was the first woman we thought of. Her endless, flowing hair and her intense, blue eyes cloaked in softness beg to be photographed. We love and respect Juanita with the deepest part of our souls and are so grateful that she agreed to brave it for the camera!!! Hope to see you all at the show at Eno this December.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Debbie and Ryan ~ Joyful Hearts

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Sipe! If you don't know this couple I suggest traveling to Albuquerque, NM, finding them and befriending them. Now. There is no time to loose. You want these people in your life. Trust me. Honestly, there has never been a bride that laughs more than Debbie. Everything about her joyous personality is contagious. And Ryan is the most gentle soul you will ever meet. It is no wonder that these two have created an adorable little angel, Frankie.

The rain came just as the ceremony was about to start, but in typical Colorado fashion it cleared in about ten minutes. The wind fully participated in stirring up smiles (mostly from Debbie :) Gosh we love her! As you can tell so does Ryan. What a lucky couple!!!