Thursday, July 29, 2010

Durango Wedding Photographer: Lori and Jake

Lori and Jake Rock! Their wedding is only a couple weeks away and we already know how much fun we are going to have. These two are super laid back and madly in love. What more could we ask for? Lori isn't quite sure how much she likes having a camera in her face. Of course when you smile as much as she does, it doesn't really matter if she likes the camera, the camera loves her!

Wesley's photo

Wesley's photo

Wesley's photo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Durango Family Photographer: Smiley McGould

Too cute for words! The McGoulds are spending their summer vacation in Durango. Erin found herself in our studio in search for an acupuncturist that used to have a space down the hall. Instead of acupuncture, she decided to have her kids photos taken. Kyla spent a bit of time with them up near Purgatory a few weeks ago and last night she came back with everybody dressed in smiles!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet Sydney Braves our Farm

Sydney. Oh gorgeous, Sydney! How lucky are we that we get to photograph such breathtaking women such as yourself!

This photo shoot is a birthday gift to Sydney from herself. I will not divulge which birthday it is, and you wouldn't believe me if I did. She is so youthful and whimsical and portrays exactly that in these images. She drove all the way out to our house, a half hour southeast of Durango. Our goal was to place her in our neighbor's field full of blue flowers (which, in truth, are just weeds). Little did we know that the flowers are blue in the morning, shriveling in the afternoon, and gone by the evening. We started shooting at 6:00pm. No blue flowers, but it didn't matter. Sydney was such a doll. She not only put up with a field of flowerless weeds, but she welcomed our five dogs (two of Kyla's, two of Wesley's and one of our parents') along on the photo shoot! She also took her shoes off willingly and walked barefoot around our photogenic, yet slightly icky pond!

We can't thank you enough for gracing us with your presence that evening, Syd. You are all the words that describe Photo Divine! Welcome to the Mafia!

Wesley's photo

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Durango Family Photographers ~ A morning with the Kapustka's

If you follow the blogging of Kyla Jackson Photography then it may not come as a surprise that I have some bias to this family in that Noah is my favorite baby. I know one shouldn't just come right out and name off favorites, but I can't help it. This little guy is too cute and I have known him since he was a little sea monkey in Rachel's belly. This was his six-month-old photo shoot, which is actually closer to eight months. WOW! Time goes by so quickly, especially when watching a baby grow. On this morning Noah experienced his first time on a basketball court. He seemed to like it just fine, which made Nick a happy Papa. One the funniest things about Noah right now is his hair do, which I refer to as the upside down mullet. I did my best to document this as I think it will become important conversation in this little guys future.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Telluride Wedding Photographer ~ Celebrating the union of Jennifer and Freddy

As Wesley and I drove over the pass into a dark pit of rain and gray otherwise known as Telluride, our hopes of a sun filled wedding quickly dwindled. But one cannot rely on Colorado weather. It's temperament changes on a dime and fortunately for Jennifer and Freddy the sun wanted to be present on their wedding day. These two were born to party, and their wedding day was a good excuse to throw a great party. The live band reception part of the evening held at the Telluride Opera House was my favorite part. That and the night photos we took right before releasing these wild ones to the crowd. ;)

Wesley's photo

Wesley's photo

Wesley's photo

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Lucky Irish: Durango Family Photograph

Our photo shoot started with a very upset Sam. He really did not want to take off his sparkly earrings for the pictures. Who could blame him, he looked gorgeous! Not long into the shoot and we were without the earrings, but I could help but include one photo with them on. All of the kiddos in this family were too stinking cute and really very cooperative. In all honesty I think having your portrait taken as a kid feels like cruel and unusual punishment, but this changes when we photograph outside. Having fresh air and cool water to dip toes in could make just about anyone smile on a hot summer day, and so we had a very successful shoot.