Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet Sydney Braves our Farm

Sydney. Oh gorgeous, Sydney! How lucky are we that we get to photograph such breathtaking women such as yourself!

This photo shoot is a birthday gift to Sydney from herself. I will not divulge which birthday it is, and you wouldn't believe me if I did. She is so youthful and whimsical and portrays exactly that in these images. She drove all the way out to our house, a half hour southeast of Durango. Our goal was to place her in our neighbor's field full of blue flowers (which, in truth, are just weeds). Little did we know that the flowers are blue in the morning, shriveling in the afternoon, and gone by the evening. We started shooting at 6:00pm. No blue flowers, but it didn't matter. Sydney was such a doll. She not only put up with a field of flowerless weeds, but she welcomed our five dogs (two of Kyla's, two of Wesley's and one of our parents') along on the photo shoot! She also took her shoes off willingly and walked barefoot around our photogenic, yet slightly icky pond!

We can't thank you enough for gracing us with your presence that evening, Syd. You are all the words that describe Photo Divine! Welcome to the Mafia!

Wesley's photo


  1. These are GORGEOUS!!! I want some! Love your work, keep it up ladies!

  2. Stunning! I love it! You are beautiful, Sydney, inside and out!!!!

  3. Kyla, you continue to photograph the beauty deep in all of us! You are an artist and Sydney is stunning.