Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nick, Rachel & Their Beautiful Baby Bump

Nick and Rachel are two of our very close friends. Their pregnancy as been an on going element of excitement in our lives for the last 7+ months. They joined us in Gateway for a photo shoot extravaganza to celebrate what has taken a lot of time, contentiousness and faith to create. Originally we nicknamed the baby bump Cricket, but it has grown much bigger and because of that seems to have out grow it's nickname. It does not surprise us how beautiful Rachel is pregnant, but it continues to catch us off guard when we see the profile of her belly. So perfect! We are extremely proud of you Nick and Rachel! You are going to be brilliant parents.

Kelly Jean and John's Wedding in Gateway, Colorado

Oh this experience was just delicious!!! If you have never heard of "Gateway" it is no surprise. In the heart of nowhere exists this beautiful resort. Now add amazing couple + perfect weather and an old Hollywood theme. Yes, it truly was difficult to decide what and where to photograph because it was so yummy everywhere. There was no lack of sass and fun in this bride. What I loved most of all about Kelly and John is that they were all about making time for photos. So we explored the car museum, took time out to get photos in the "night lights" of the resort in addition to the typical allotted time for photography. You two were gems to work with. Much gratitude to you!

Kate and Joel

Last week I met Kate and Joel at their home to create some promotional photos of for their website and other marketing material. They are an awesome relationship counselor duo. I enjoyed connecting with them and would encourage you to check out the work that they do.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Davis ~ Durango High School Senior

What can I say, this man has style. It is awesome to work with someone who can own their look for the camera. We have had the privilege of working with quite of few seniors who have already defined a "style" for themselves. Keeping it real! I dig it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Needing some feedback!

We've been told that people visit our blog... that we may even have some stalkers, which would be AWESOME!!! And yet rarely do we receive a comment. Is it hard to post a comment on our blog? If you like what you see let us know. It would be good to know that we are not just entertaining ourselves with this blog. PLEASE stroke our ego a little! Thank you in advance! ~Kyla and Wesley.

PS. If it is impossible to comment here, please let us know on our Kyla Jackson Photography Fan Page on Facebook.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kelly and Dan's Telluride Wedding

What can we say? This has been an amazing wedding season for us! Kelly and Dan were the icing on the cake! They are the sweetest, most photogenic couple (both are six-foot-something!). October 3rd turned out to be the last gorgeous day in Telluride before a snow storm came through. The colors peaked, the sun was out, and everybody was ready to celebrate these two beautiful people!

Kelly and Dan Cowboy Up for their Rehearsal Dinner

After the softball game Dan and Kelly's crew headed to Gorrono Ranch for the rehearsal dinner. Boots and cowboy hats were encouraged. It was the perfect theme for the setting. They had everything for their guests including individual cabins to warm up in: Kelly's offered hot cocoa and Dan's had a nice variety of beer!