Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Halloween Fundraiser for the Miricle Mama

To add to the recent Beau and Jenna engagement post I thought I should follow up with what happened later that evening... Beau's Mom, Lois, along with a collection of teacher friends that my Mom used to work with held a Halloween Fund Raiser to help with my Mom's travel back and forth to Denver. My parents have had to make a trip to the University Hospital in Denver every two weeks since she got home in June after her Bone Marrow Transplant. As a whole the La Plata community has been amazingly generous in helping with expenses. This was yet another unexpected and fun way to celebrate a cancer-free-recovering-ALIVE Mom. Thank you all!

Above: A happy Judi Jackson!

Above: Overall of decorated Lion's Hall in Bayfield, CO.

Above: The usual suspects/supports: Rachel: The Bad Witch, Noah: The Lion, Carson: Prom Queen, Nick: The Tinman, Steve: The Scarecrow

Above photo taken by Carson Jones: Rachel: The Bad Witch, Noah: The Lion, Kyla: Pregnant Disco Dorthy, Nick: The Tin-man, Steve: The Scarecrow

Above: Chris and Lois aka Party Hosts

Above: Jenna (transformed from her earlier photo shoot) and Erin (long time BFF and Beau's Sister)

Above: Erin and Kyla err-a I mean Pregnant Disco Dorthy thanks to the work of the Scarecrow

Jim Jackson aka Dad in clown suit. The most I think he has ever dressed up for Halloween. A little creepy, I know. I didn't even recognize him at first even though I knew he was going as a clown. The Chacos gave it away!

Judi and Jim Jackson

Durango Engagement Photographer ~Beau and Jenna

Behind on blogging again, but I am jumping ahead of a few other clients that I that I am looking forward to blogging soon, because I am so excited for the recently engaged Beau and Jenna!!! Beau's and my family have been friends since we were young, so we had the pleasure of growing up together. Jenna is the perfect spark to add to Beau’s palette. They are simply adorable together. Jenna requested that we take their engagement photos at Sutcliffe Vineyards. They are friends with John Sutcliffe and were warmly welcomed with a wine tasting. We wondered around the vineyard enjoying the most perfect fall afternoon at which point I decided that I will be switching careers from “photographer” to “wine maker.” I will be living on this property or one similar to this. That is the latest goal anyway.