Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Halloween Fundraiser for the Miricle Mama

To add to the recent Beau and Jenna engagement post I thought I should follow up with what happened later that evening... Beau's Mom, Lois, along with a collection of teacher friends that my Mom used to work with held a Halloween Fund Raiser to help with my Mom's travel back and forth to Denver. My parents have had to make a trip to the University Hospital in Denver every two weeks since she got home in June after her Bone Marrow Transplant. As a whole the La Plata community has been amazingly generous in helping with expenses. This was yet another unexpected and fun way to celebrate a cancer-free-recovering-ALIVE Mom. Thank you all!

Above: A happy Judi Jackson!

Above: Overall of decorated Lion's Hall in Bayfield, CO.

Above: The usual suspects/supports: Rachel: The Bad Witch, Noah: The Lion, Carson: Prom Queen, Nick: The Tinman, Steve: The Scarecrow

Above photo taken by Carson Jones: Rachel: The Bad Witch, Noah: The Lion, Kyla: Pregnant Disco Dorthy, Nick: The Tin-man, Steve: The Scarecrow

Above: Chris and Lois aka Party Hosts

Above: Jenna (transformed from her earlier photo shoot) and Erin (long time BFF and Beau's Sister)

Above: Erin and Kyla err-a I mean Pregnant Disco Dorthy thanks to the work of the Scarecrow

Jim Jackson aka Dad in clown suit. The most I think he has ever dressed up for Halloween. A little creepy, I know. I didn't even recognize him at first even though I knew he was going as a clown. The Chacos gave it away!

Judi and Jim Jackson