Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Brown is On the Way!

If you are lucky enough to know these two, then you are so excited to be you. I know I am. There just isn't a sweeter, funnier, lovelier couple. Sarah and Cordell are weeks away from introducing us to the newest, coolest person on the planet. We don't know if Baby Brown is a boy or a girl, but we will be documenting some of the earliest days of his or her life so keep a look out :)

This photo shoot was very entertaining for me. Not just because Sarah and Cordell are friends and I love hanging out with them, but also because it was so much fun to be part of the silly process that we all go through when we step in front of the camera. First it feels awkward, then we make fun of ourselves for not knowing how to stand, where to look, or whether or not we should smile. Then if you are Cordell and the photographer gives you control of the extra length of the long flowy red material, it is almost as if the camera disappears and it is just way to much fun to try to get it to blow in the wind. While at the same time, his gorgeous wife is making the camera extremely happy. Thanks guys, I am filled with joy about your upcoming adventure!

Wesley's Photos

This cracks me up. Sarah brought a laundry basket full of her clothes to change into. Classic.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Call out for Photo Divine's 2013 Rep (model) Program

If you have any trouble submitting an application please contact us directly at: 970-375-1212. Thanks!

New Zealand 2012

Steve and I were so excited to have Odin finally meet all of his relatives in New Zealand. We were spoiled by good weather, yummy meals and beach days, but more than anything we soaked up the precious time we had with our family. We felt lucky to have Wesley and Jed overlap their belated honeymoon with us for 9 days. We had an amazing time sharing our favorite things to do with them. We also were fortunate to have our friend Jaime visit with her son Mason. They timed their trip to be there for Odin's first birthday. Yes, that was Rad. Needless to say our 5 weeks there went by way too fast! I wish New Zealand wasn't so far away. ~KYLA

Wes and Jed's Excellent Adventure... Honeymoon #2: Rarotonga, Cook Islands to Queenstown, NZ (with a bit of Jenkinson Family love and laughter in between).