Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Aaron and Brittany's Beautiful Bohemian Wedding

 This is another one of those blog posts where we couldn't help but show a gazillion photos and it's not just because we have known Brittany her entire life. Although we love this couple to begin with, we have over-posted here because this is the most thoughtful, clever, gorgeous, sentimental wedding ever. But, it's not just the decorations and the sweet gifts, either. It's the way Aaron looks at his bride and the way Britt can't wait until the end of the ceremony to kiss her love.

Aaron and Britt, we are so happy for you both! Aaron, you are truly the luckiest man in the world and Britt you have found the best companion anyone could have asked for. Your love for each other is clearly worn on your sleeves and everything about your future is radiating! We love you!

* A huge thank you to Haily King for stepping in at the last minute and helping us out! Your photography is beautiful and you were wonderful to work with!!!