Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wesley's Photo Divine

Wesley and I grew up in the country with horses. Wesley has always referred to her horse, Sargent, as her "soul mate." They are the same age. Wesley cried when our parents wanted to sell him, so needless to say he has grown old on our small family ranch. Our neighbors let Sargent stay with their horses this winter so he wouldn't get lonely and recently we discovered that he is going blind. So, with this news Wesley told me, "I know what I want my Photo Divine to be." I think Sargent knew too.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Ms. Jones!

Sunday we celebrated Ms. Carson Jones:

Where: The Rochester Courtyard
Why: Because she is freaking fabulous and it was almost her birthday
Menu: Wine, cheese, fruit, and cake
Who showed: Ladies that anyone would want in their circle of friends

Happy Birthday Ms. Jones. You are very loved!

Stacy and Geoff ~ Durango and Traveling Wedding Photographer

Stacy and Geoff started our wedding season off with great energy. I fell in love with this couple, because they each have the humor quality that has always been my greatest attraction in people. When Stacy laughs her entire body gives way to the energy that bounces out of her. I also love that this wedding was small and intimate. There was not a DJ dance reception because the musical entertainment of the evening was provided by Geoff, his brother and "the Reverend." (The friend that married them.) An overall love and joy filled evening. YAY!

Wesley's photo

Wesley's photo

Wesley's photo

Senior Model Cody

What a doll, Right? Cody is the only senior male who responded to our modeling call. He is totally laid back and completely adorable. Thank you for participating Cody. You ROCK!

The lovely Emily ~ Durango Maturnity Photographer

Emily and I lucked out on braving the spring weather. We had the most perfect afternoon for an outdoor maturity photography shoot. I had so many ideas of where to photograph, but couldn't decided on one. I finally asked Emily where she lived and if there were any open fields near. The answer just happened to be Fox Fire Farms Ranch, which is an organic ranch just outside of Ignacio, CO. The location could not have been more perfect. We were even able to incorporate the chickens into a few of our photos. Below are a few of the ones that caught my eye while skimming through the collection. Thank you to Emily for being a most open and wonderful woman to photograph.

Michelle and Todd

I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle on many fashion and wedding projects over the last few years, but this was the first time I had the honor of photographing her. Because Wesley and I are working with Michelle for Photo Divine we decided it would be good for us all to take our turn being photographed. Michelle also wanted to document her relationship with her boyfriend Todd, so including her vision for that we managed to put together a killer photo shoot for two beautiful people.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heather and Ray's Wedding Reception

I adore photographing this couple. The creative freedom they allow me is just delicious. Heather and Ray eloped on the beach in Honduras, but they know way to many people to get away without having a party. The wedding reception took place at the Mancos Opera House. The party went off without a hitch despite the weather. That's right, more snow! What is this? No one seemed to mind. Fun was to be had. Congratulations, Heather and Ray your hard work paid off! Thank you for being so wonderful! XO