Monday, May 3, 2010

The Manna Soup Kitchen in Durango, Colorado

I have heard many good things about the Manna Soup Kitchen, but my first time visiting was to create imagery for an upcoming story in Arts Perspective Magazine. One of the many missions of Manna is to provide nourishing meals to those in need. Even just to document a community of people putting so much love and effort into making a delicious meal for a room full of 100 plus people brought me joy. I could say so many more great things about this experience, but what really made my heart melt was when I winked a little boy who was waiting for some food and without hesitation he winked back. He totally caught me off guard, who knew a three-years-old would have the ability to wink. It almost made me cry, but totally made my day.

Above: Gathering chives from the garden after an evening of snow.

Most of the food Manna receives is donated, including the strawberries above.

Helping hands!

Two five star chefs prepared this meal: Warren Smith (Main Chef) and Lauren Slaff (volunteer for the day)

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