Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fellow Lady Photographers check out this site...

Epiphanie: I love these camera bags and really want to win this contest. I want to win it so much that I bought both Wesley and myself a bag. What a good excuse to go shopping! Hey, it was a business expense.

Monday, March 29, 2010

First camping trip of the year. Comb Ridge, Utah

FYI: It is still not warm enough to go camping. However, if you are prepared to sleep in layers of fleece and down you might be able to stay warm enough to get through the night. In an attempt to celebrate Steve O.'s birthday a group of us ventured into the desert with high hopes of sunshine and heat. The sun did come out, so that worked in our favor during the day. Below is part of the crew on the morning after waking up to ice on the windows (inside) of our cars. In truth this was an excellent get away full of good people, loads of laughter and yummy food.

Following Jane and Jon to Utah.

Our willing and able passenger, Hank.

Steve, (b-day boy) the morning after near death by freeze.

Diego catching some rays.

Jon and Jane from last night.

Our Spot.

Noah with his Aunt Nasha. Pretty stoked about his first camping trip.

Ripping it up with the tunes.

My multi-talented husband, Steve.

Jon, Jane's multi-talented husband.

Nick and Rachel

First camping trip for Noah... check.

Celebrating entry into a new year. Happy Birthday Kyla!

My Birthday was last Tuesday. I have to admit that the transition into this year was bittersweet. However, the celebrations of my birth have been unexpected and quite splendid thanks to a super group of friends, who have shown up in so many ways for me over this past year. On the eve of my actual Birthday Ms.Jones and I drove into the sun on a mission to visit the Sideshow Emporium in Dolores, Colorado. It was closed, which gave us more time to share a two-glass bottle of fine French wine, a vanilla flavored cigar and dance to the sunset. The perfect way to end a roller coaster year. Thanks again Ms. Jones and all of you lovely people who I feel privileged to call friends. I heart you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photo Divine Discount

Calling all ladies! Who of you out there are tired of winter? Weird, we are too. How about grabbing three of your most fabulous lady friends to join us for a Photo Divine weekend to help make the winter pass a little bit faster? We are offering a 50% discount now through April. These weekends are transformational and who better to spend time like this with then the girlfriends you love most. This experience is well worth the ride. For details about these weekend adventures visit

Girls Night Out Bidders Cash In ~ Durango, CO Photographer

A few months back was the "Girls Night Out" fundraiser for the Women's Resource Center in Durango, CO. My girlfriend Heather and her tribe of girlfriends bid on the photo session gift certificate that we included in the auction that evening. Well, last Friday they cashed in. This was such a fun photo shoot. I love photographing girlfriends. I am manifesting more photo shoots like this one and more Photo Divine Adventures. Girlfriends offer a fine mixture of joy and sanity that reflect delicious pleasures in life. I truly believe that nothing can compare to the medicinal powers of a pack of girlfriends. Anyone agree?

Luke and Sailor ~ Children Photographer in Durango Colorado

These two brothers crack me up. This was our second photo shoot together and after this session I would consider them professionals. Though they each have a personality of their own, a few things these brothers have in common is style, kindness and humor. Future heart melters? I think so!