Thursday, April 26, 2012

Senior Portrait Artists ~ Colorful Maniesha

 Maniesha is as unique as her name suggests.  She is living her life outside of the box and doing an amazing job at it!  She attends an on-line high school based out of Denver and is already working on her college degree two days a week. She raises steers for 4H and rocks a ball gown in her model-like physique. She is a huge fan of the color teal (turquoise-blue) and all other colors for that matter.  It was her idea to incorporate balloons to the photo shoot, not to mention her idea to get into Junction Creek in a prom dress!  Love that!  Thanks Maniesha and April, it was such an amazing afternoon with the two of you!

Thank you to Kellie Abel at Lemon Head Salon for the fantastic hair style!

Wesley's Photos 

Engagment Photographers for Soon-to-Be, Mr. and Mrs. Frazier!

A few years ago I photographed a beautiful lady, Niki. I was so pleased when I got a call from her grandmother Susan with the announcement that Susan's son Todd was getting married. After seeing Nicki's photos and then checking out our website, Todd and Gwen were on board to hire us for their engagement session. Gwen also wanted to do some intimate and tasteful boudoir style images for Todd as a wedding gift. The first image of Gwen is the only one our blog followers will see. There rest will be kept a surprise.

I really enjoy being told a couple's love story and these two have a pretty good one. This is a second marriage for each of them. Once married, they will have a family of three girls 8,9 and 10. (If I am remembering correctly.) Gwen and Todd have known each other since they were children. They even dated prior to their first marriages. Later they attended each others weddings. Gwen wanted to tell Todd on his wedding day that he shouldn't marry his bride to be, but should be with her instead. She didn't spill her guts that day. The timing wasn't right... for a good reason as Todd pointed out that the gift from their first marriages was their three beautiful girls. There is so much truth to that statement and I am really happy that these two have finally ended up together.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alison Dance

I was so excited when Alison asked me to help design a shoot for her album. If you live in Durango or have visited the area it is likely that you have been in one of this talented woman's restaurants. The Cyprus Cafe a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant features many local and organic food specials that vary in deliciousness from season to season. The Cyprus is one of my favorite places to dine in Durango. In the summer the patio is amazing and in the winter I love the cozy, intimate indoor atmosphere. So here I am already addicted to the food and then Alison goes and opens a coffee and wine bar. What??? Yes, Eno is my first choice of places to have coffee in Durango. They use Colorado fresh organic milk to create a creamy latte greatness that does not even require sugar because it is naturally so sweet and delicious. I LOVE Eno's coffee.

Enough about food and beverage we are here to discuss the other talents of this beautiful woman. She sings! Alison wanted to create a vintage bar room feel for the photo shoot. We agreed that Jean Pierre's Bakery and Restaurant would lend the perfect backdrop for the CD. Alison's "look" for hair and make-up was styled by Michelle Campbell. Michelle is awesome to work with. Jane Gould a costume designer and friend of Alison's provided the attire. This was my first time work close with Jane and she was a blast! I love how these images turned out and I can't wait for the debut of the album.


Miss Macy Brown's First Year of Life Photography

I admit, before I had a baby of my own I was one of the first to appear on site to welcome a friend's baby to the world. However after giving birth to my son, the most innocent being in my life, the last thing I wanted was to be bombarded with visitors. Yes, I wanted to share my sweet Odin with the friends and family, but I wanted the environment to be as germ free as possible for him. Plus I was exhausted, so the thought of having to put on a social face for onlookers was almost intolerable. I think most moms can relate to this.

I cried when I got the text announcing the arrival of Miss Macy. Since having Odin I have cried every time I learn of a birth or pregnancy of a friends. The whole process from pregnancy to birth is so incredible pulls at my emotions just to hear about someone experiencing it. After the announcement of Macy's arrival a huge part of me wanted to jump into my car and race to the hospital to get a peek at her. I restrained myself for two weeks to give new parents Cordell and Sarah some space. This Sunday we finally met face to face and again I was crying. Macy is absolutely perfect. Odin looked huge net to her. She was so light and smelled so sweetly of baby scents. In addition to her splendor she is giving her parents a run for their money from about 8 to midnight when she shows off her ability to cry. Oh, the many joys of parenthood! We are sending good sleep vibes Cordell and Sarah's way.

We are excited to document Macy Brown's First Year of Life!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cocktails and Creations Opening Night

Jed and I attended the opening night (also my dad's 60th birthday, Happy Birthday Pops!) of Cocktails and Creations last Friday.  This is the best "date night" idea ever! Jed and I  used to talk about wanting to paint together, but I suppose since it is a lot of work to get the supplies and clean up the mess, we never have. The lovely Ms. Lorie invited us to partake in the event and I am so excited that we did! They have such a fun space right on Main Ave and literally minutes before opening the doors to the painters, Lorie, Rick and their crew were sweeping up construction dust. The place looks clean, new and fresh! Several artists will lead the classes, but on Friday Katie helped us paint aspen trees. You can follow her lead or you can paint whatever you feel like.  I love how different Jed's painting turned out from mine. I think mine is a bit more whimsical and his is very realistic. Wonder why that is????? I can't wait to choose another night to paint. Thanks Lorie and Rick for such a great evening!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aja ~ Durango Senior Model

Some days everything comes together. Photographing Aja a couple of Fridays ago turned out to be one of those days. On my morning walk with Odin I stopped by a neighbor's house that has caught my eye every time I go by the property. This place is like a treasure chest of both antiques and (where my interest lies) interesting back drops. I was hesitant to ask the owner to use the property, because you never know how people are going to feel when you inquire about being in their space for a photo shoot. I remember the quote "Do something every day that scares you" and I thought "it can't hurt to ask." Plus I had Odin with me, who can possibly get angry at a trespasser who is pushing a stroller with a sweet baby inside? Apparently not this gentleman. Bob, the property owner, was as gentle as they come. He was open to allowing us on his property for our photo shoot with our beautiful senior model Aja. Bob, has lived in and maintained his property since 1945. He doesn't own a telephone and he rides his bike to town often. Between the location, Bob's awesomeness, Aja's hard work, Odin's good mood, Wesley's help, and our lights actually working, this photo shoot could not have gone any better.

~ A big thanks to Heather Chapman for doing an awesome job on Aja's hair!!! We look forward to working with you again in the future.