Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aja ~ Durango Senior Model

Some days everything comes together. Photographing Aja a couple of Fridays ago turned out to be one of those days. On my morning walk with Odin I stopped by a neighbor's house that has caught my eye every time I go by the property. This place is like a treasure chest of both antiques and (where my interest lies) interesting back drops. I was hesitant to ask the owner to use the property, because you never know how people are going to feel when you inquire about being in their space for a photo shoot. I remember the quote "Do something every day that scares you" and I thought "it can't hurt to ask." Plus I had Odin with me, who can possibly get angry at a trespasser who is pushing a stroller with a sweet baby inside? Apparently not this gentleman. Bob, the property owner, was as gentle as they come. He was open to allowing us on his property for our photo shoot with our beautiful senior model Aja. Bob, has lived in and maintained his property since 1945. He doesn't own a telephone and he rides his bike to town often. Between the location, Bob's awesomeness, Aja's hard work, Odin's good mood, Wesley's help, and our lights actually working, this photo shoot could not have gone any better.

~ A big thanks to Heather Chapman for doing an awesome job on Aja's hair!!! We look forward to working with you again in the future.