Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cocktails and Creations Opening Night

Jed and I attended the opening night (also my dad's 60th birthday, Happy Birthday Pops!) of Cocktails and Creations last Friday.  This is the best "date night" idea ever! Jed and I  used to talk about wanting to paint together, but I suppose since it is a lot of work to get the supplies and clean up the mess, we never have. The lovely Ms. Lorie invited us to partake in the event and I am so excited that we did! They have such a fun space right on Main Ave and literally minutes before opening the doors to the painters, Lorie, Rick and their crew were sweeping up construction dust. The place looks clean, new and fresh! Several artists will lead the classes, but on Friday Katie helped us paint aspen trees. You can follow her lead or you can paint whatever you feel like.  I love how different Jed's painting turned out from mine. I think mine is a bit more whimsical and his is very realistic. Wonder why that is????? I can't wait to choose another night to paint. Thanks Lorie and Rick for such a great evening!

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