Thursday, April 26, 2012

Engagment Photographers for Soon-to-Be, Mr. and Mrs. Frazier!

A few years ago I photographed a beautiful lady, Niki. I was so pleased when I got a call from her grandmother Susan with the announcement that Susan's son Todd was getting married. After seeing Nicki's photos and then checking out our website, Todd and Gwen were on board to hire us for their engagement session. Gwen also wanted to do some intimate and tasteful boudoir style images for Todd as a wedding gift. The first image of Gwen is the only one our blog followers will see. There rest will be kept a surprise.

I really enjoy being told a couple's love story and these two have a pretty good one. This is a second marriage for each of them. Once married, they will have a family of three girls 8,9 and 10. (If I am remembering correctly.) Gwen and Todd have known each other since they were children. They even dated prior to their first marriages. Later they attended each others weddings. Gwen wanted to tell Todd on his wedding day that he shouldn't marry his bride to be, but should be with her instead. She didn't spill her guts that day. The timing wasn't right... for a good reason as Todd pointed out that the gift from their first marriages was their three beautiful girls. There is so much truth to that statement and I am really happy that these two have finally ended up together.