Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sneak Preview of our Upcoming Mother's Day Show ~

Thursday, May 8th 2014 we will be celebrating all these amazing moms from our community! Come join us at our studio from 5pm-7pm and check out what people have to say about these amazing women! 

None of the photos below will be featured, so  you will see all NEW images!!!

842 1/2 Main Ave Suite 200


Monday, March 17, 2014

My Treasure Chest Week 10 and 11: Great grandparents, mommy groups, visitors, tropical cyclone and Daddy turns 21 for the second time!

Asher and his GREAT grandparents Nana King and Big Jim meet on March 2nd for the first time. Nana King is 1/2 Cook Islander, which makes our boys 1/16 islander. Good blood lines!

Asher after a hard day at work! Big hat to fill!

Mutti and Yaya giving Asher his evening bath.
Asher making friends with the sweet babies of our new Mommy group that I invited myself to be a part of after meeting one of the lovely Mama's at the beach. We have met up every Tuesday for the past three weeks and are so grateful for all the warm welcomes and new friends. This is only a portion of the posse! Asher didn't waste any time choosing who to hold hands with. Smart kid! ;)

Odin is the oldest member of this group. It's a bit troubling being around so many babies at once but he is a rockstar!

Uncle Dave and Auntie Sarah put on a grand spread for breakfast on Steve's second 21st birthday. Then Steve and Dave rode the scooters to check out the water status at the beach followed by a canoe fishing trip.
Ok, honestly I hesitated even putting these photos on because I didn't want anyone to think we were being unsafe with our kids. I will just say, they do it in Mexico! And, they were going very slow in a loop just off the drive way on a dead end street. I was still a bit nervous, but this may have been the highlight of both boys trip so far.
Below photo taken by Steve Jenkinson the morning the Tropical Cyclone started.

What is done on family day when a tropical cyclone comes through.

The GREAT Auntie Gaye getting in her cuddles.

Waiting for cake.