Monday, March 3, 2014

My Treasure Chest weeks 5, 6, 7 and 8: First colds, airplanes, sunburns and one 3rd Birthday!

What a whirl wind the last month has been! I can hardly believe it! We are now in our sixth week of New Zealand! Time is flying with only 5 weeks remaining here before we head to the Cook Islands for 10 days and then back to Colorado. So spoiled, I know! I don't miss winter! Below is how the last four weeks played out.

Week 5: This week consisted of two very stressed out parents trying to get ready for a long plane ride with a sick infant. We almost delayed our trip, but in the end Asher went on his first plane ride and by the time we got to LA he was ready to nail the big flight to Auckland, NZ the next day. We met up with my cousin Mary and Aunt Anne on our lay over day in L.A. Mary was a hit with Odin since she was the only one up for a swim at the hotel pool!

Week 6: Our New Zealand family finally got to snuggle the babes! Landing in New Zealand (what I think must be Earth's Heaven) is always a treat. I was especially relieved to arrive with everyone in our family of four pretty much healthy. The flight was one of the easiest I think we have ever done. Asher slept on me most of the way and I only got up to pee twice in (very unusual for me.) Our first meal was prepared by Steve's Mum (Lyn aka Mutti) of flounder and eggs. The first of many glorious meals we have had prepared by her since we have been here. The stress of sick kids and what it takes to get to NZ left me with a cold sore the size of Montana. A nice little friend that stayed with me for 10 days or so. Asher got his first sunburn this week. I know, tragic. :( The sun here is brutal. I have actually been a little intimidated to take on the beach by myself with two small lads and the sun "burn time" around 10 minutes without sunscreen. :/ It has made me think twice about the time of day we visit the beach, but hasn't kept me from the beach!

 Auntie Sarah meets Asher in the flesh. Love! Shortly followed by entertaining Odin in the sand on Asher's first trip to the beach. :)

 Ya-ya reading Odin a bed time story.
 Mutti getting in her morning snuggles.

 Week 7: Odin turns 3! He was very spoiled with dinosaur gifts and gluten free cupcakes the Saturday before his birthday. On Thursday the 13th his actual birthday Auntie Sarah treated him to the under water museum in Auckland. He saw all sorts of fish, sharks, turtles, penguins and best of all Nemo!

 Poor sun burned boo. :( This is after two applications of sunscreen in less than two hours.

 Special gluten-free cupcakes for the birthday boy!

 Waking up on his actual birthday four days later.

Week 8: Beach days with family and no camera, so iphone photos and memories are all that I have. :)

One of my favorite Odin quotes: "I not a snuggle bunny, I Odin."


  1. GREAT pics! Miss you guys but looks like it is soooo special for you all!

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