Monday, March 17, 2014

My Treasure Chest Week 9: New Zealand Friends, Wenderholm Beach and DINOSAURS!!!

We met up with my friend and fellow photographer Helen Bankers and met her lovely daughter Isla. Isla and Odin are about the same age. After a bit of warming up they were playing dinosaurs, eating ice blocks, splashing in the pool, and watching cartoons. Odin was pretty tuckered out by the end of our time together and fell asleep on the chair still clutching his favorite dinosaur friends. Friday I we went on an adventure to one of my favorite local beaches, Wenderholm. The trees at this beach are unreal! We camped out under one tree that was really more like six giant trees all coming out of one base. The beach there is flat so it was a perfect beach for Odin since the "big" waves came up to about his belly button. :)

On Saturday March 1st we took Odin to Butterfly Creek in Auckland. It is here that Odin had the best day of his life so far. I am not sure I have ever seen him so excited as he ran from one dinosaur to the next. These dinos actually moved and made noises. A hard day to top for a boy obsessed with dinosaurs!!!


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