Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miss Shelby and Mama Jude ~ BFFs

Shelby is one of those women that you meet and instantly you feel like you have known her your entire life. She makes me feel so welcome in her world and she treats everyone like they are her family. How lucky is her mom, Judi, (spelled with an i just like my mama :) to actually be her family!!! And how lucky is Shelby to have Judi as her best friend. Shelby has been so excited for her mom to come visit Durango and I smile just thinking about how jazzed she was to have their photos taken with us. The day before the photo shoot Shelby posted a photo on Instagram of Judi's necklace collection. "Life lessons with mama Jude why wear one necklace when you can wear 4 #gobigorgohome." We went big for a few photos. I even got to wear one at the end of the shoot for my own chance to be photographed with the love Miss Shelby. Love you Ladies!!!


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