Monday, July 22, 2013


I have had so much trouble with with wording this blog entry. I realized this is because this situation hits so close to home. When my Mom was first diagnosed with cancer we planned a photo shoot for our family. Everyone understood the purpose of the shoot, but no one spoke of it. Though we were all upbeat the heaviness of reality was lingering. Fast forward four years. Our Mom is a cancer survivor. So here we are at this particular photo shoot creating important images, which is the whole purpose of why we do what we do and yet to do this on this day having the knowledge of the purpose of these images was just heartbreaking. We all tried not to cry. There was even singing and dancing to prevent those sneaky tears, and yet there they were part of the process. I am astounded by the strength of determined humans, their resilience and the beauty of what they create. Look at this family. Look into the eyes of these precious children and their humbled mothers. What a gift life is, even when it forces you to struggle (grow) and with a combination of hope, faith and luck heal.

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