Saturday, July 6, 2013

A good luck rain wedding for Sarah and Kevin at Durango Mountain Resort

On occasion we will get this question while interviewing with a bride and groom: "What do you do if it rains." Well, in this case (and most) the party goes on. Rain doesn't stop the celebration it adds to the character of the wedding. Ok, so there were tears, but not for long. It is hard to be mad when it rains in Colorado especially since we have all been praying for rain all summer. Sarah was a bit bummed that the rain decided to pour on her wedding, but she persevered and the bonus of believeing things will go your way is that we had a beautiful afternoon for the slightly-delayed-ceremony. The rain calmed down the smoky air, cooled off the heat, and created gorgeous light for photos. Really, what more can you ask for, except of course your beloved by your side, good friends, honey whisky and the best day of your life. Perfection.



  1. Kyla and Wesley! These are fantastic!!! You truly captured every moment of Sarah and Kevin's big day! I can't wait to see the rest of the images!!!

  2. Prepared a wedding, the space is very beautiful, everyone write full of blessing, face a lovely couple, to my friend's house people, the bride's wedding dress is very beautiful, I have already can't wait to see more touching scene.