Monday, January 6, 2014

"New" Years Resolutions

Who is good about keeping New Years Resolutions? I don't know anyone who follows through on this including myself. So I didn't promise to get in shape again this year as I have for the past 10 years. I do agree to treat my temple better as a whole and to look at exercise as a privilege of being healthy rather than a chore. So with that perspective I am also attempting to do something I enjoy. This year, as a treat to myself, I plan to photograph my children at least once a week with a camera that is not my iphone. I will use a professional camera and give myself the gift that other people hire me to give them. Then I will blog, another big yet gratifying commitment. With this said I will also be gentle to myself if I cannot fulfill this goal every week for 52 weeks. The following photos were mostly taken over the holidays ending on New Years Day. The exception are the naked baby shots of Asher which were taken when he was 7 days old. It has been quite a busy, joyful couple of weeks. I love these moments. This is my treasure chest. I hope you enjoy a peek in (hopefully once a week for the next 52.) ~Kyla
 I love these baby rolls!

 Steve mastering multitasking.

 How photos are usually taken of our kids. :(

 Big kids like baby baths too!

 G-G excited to see Odin off on the polar express!

 Above is the last photo I took before I asked the conductor if I could ride the train with my husband and son. I was about to add "and pay when I get back," but he gestured me on and said "Of course, if you don't mind squeezing in. Merry Christmas." The train was sold out but we managed to get all 4 of us in the seat together and it was a magical trip!!!

 Odin asking Santa for a "BIG lolly pop."
 ...Breakfast the next morning.

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