Monday, January 13, 2014

Kyla's treasure chest 2014 Week 2!

I love this! I am having so much fun photographing my kids. I managed to remember my big girl camera to four different outings this week. First my girlfriend Steph hosted a play date at her house. Odin's best gal pal Jojo was invited too. Lesson: Pillow fights almost always end in tears or tantrums, but sure are fun until the breaking point. Also, Jojo had a bit of competition being at Sawyer's house. Boys are rowdy, but she rallied! Friday we made it to open gym. Crazy train crowded, but worth it for the guaranteed nap that follows. We saw our long time friend Mary at "Ju-ju's" house. She baby whispered Asher to sleep, but Odin required a car ride home. Saturday morning was a standard slow start. Tiny dinosaurs lined up for the take over of our living room. Finally the camera made it to Havlen Lake for an actual photo shoot first (blog to images to be posted soon) followed by a quick sledding session. Steve even got a few great shots of Odin with me on the sled.

Favorite quote of the week from Odin “I a big kid, but I still growing.”

 Kiddos looking at Steph as she tried to prevent the tantrum and tears. Ha!

 Damn this machine!!!


  1. Love these Kyla! I especially love Odin's static hair in the pillow fights:) and you guys on the sled. So fun! Hope all is well...and enjoy your getaway!