Friday, May 18, 2012

Photo Divine Getaway

Raw. A word often used to describe the unfolding of a Photo Divine get away. I looked up the meaning: "basic and natural, but not controlled or developed." Ideally right? It is a fine line that we are encouraging women to question. What is beauty and what feels beautiful don't always seem to aline or agree. As rewarding as this type of photography is it is also the most challenging. Being a woman allows me to understand how critical one can be when over evaluating self defined "flaws." How do we learn to celebrate, accept, appreciate and most importantly love ourselves? This would be my definition of success in life once achieved. Although I crave women to do this for themselves I don't even know that I can honestly say I am always in a place of power that allows me to feel what I preach.

This Photo Divine getaway was special. It was designed as a bachelorette celebration for my girlfriend Crissy who wedded this past Saturday. She gathered a lovely group of women who embarked on this journey with her. We played under the almost full moon, shared laughter, dark chocolate and our favorite kinds of cheese and wine. Then as day broke, one at a time each woman braved it for the camera and beauty unfolded in waves of individual uniqueness. Inhibition set free and with open and trusting hearts I was allowed in to create imagery of the contrast; the place of power and vulnerability.

Thank you ladies! xo Kyla