Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo Divine ~ Odin's first Carnivial in Durango, Colorado

I was completely excited to take Odin to his first carnival. Our intimidate family came for this momentous event, but I could tell that I was the one most excited. The lights at night attract me, but the smell of fried dough and sugar lures me in as well (even though I am eating gluten free.) I don't think there has been a carnival in the history of the world that you can escape without getting ripped off. The experience would not be the same if there was. It started with the "win a giant stuffed animal" games. Steve wanted to win Odin some toys. So we bought some tickets only to find out that the tickets were only for the rides. Which meant we had to go on the rides. No biggy, except that I was already empty stomached and a bit nauseous just watching other people ride. Odin took his carnival riding VERY seriously. He tippy-toed to make the cut for the Merry-GO-Round. Then he jumped on board the train with his Grandpa Jim. Pa-pa Jim didn't fit in the train to easily, but I think he enjoyed the ride almost as much as Odin. Wesley and Jed braved the Ring of Fire and Steve and I nauseated ourselves on the elevated swing. We gave our last 7 tickets away to a much more enthusiastic bunch and left with one stuffed memorabilia. A true carny adventure.