Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wes and Jed's Awesome Wedding!

WEDDING PHOTOS!!! We have so much gratitude for our talented an hilarious friend Chris Giles. The images below are his from our wedding... Chris, thank you, thank you, thank you for capturing these moments for us! YOU ROCK!!!

Our friends Nick and Rachel provided music for a Dance Party in the street. I must say, our dresses look fantastic in motion!!!

So serious.... yet sexy.
So us!
My Aunt Deb decorated our tables with sunflowers provided by our dear friend Krista. Thank you, thank you, thank you or all the hard work these ladies and multiple friends put in to make our day extra gorgeous!
He melts my heart :)

Evolution of Man


  1. These melt my heart. I started crying again looking at them!!! Giles, that young goat, he did such a good job. We looked pretty good all dressed up. Nice! Wes, you and Jed stole the show and good on ya! This makes me happy! Love you! ~Kyla

  2. Oh! These are great pictures! Just lovely, lovely, lovely - thank you for sharing them! xxxxxx

  3. Amazing photos! It was like reliving the day, plus more! Laughter, tears, joy...what an amazing day. Thanks for sharing. Ame-Lia