Friday, September 9, 2011

Way over due for a catch-up!!!

We have been crazy busy both personally and professionally. The summer months flew by. We know, that is the story for most everyone. We are using it as our excuse for not being caught up with blogging, and many other things: laundry, yard work, editing, socializing, etc. Here is why:

-Kyla has Odin (a 7 month old baby) We could just stop with this, but there is more...
-Our mom was in the hospital for the entire month of June. 18 days of that were spent in the ICU. We didn't know if she would make it to Wesley's wedding in August, but she did!!!
-Wesley and Jed moved back to Durango... Finally!!! It took over three weekends to make the move back and forth. The weekend they had the Budget rental moving truck it broke down in the middle of no where. Wesley and our Dad waited for 8 hours in the sun until they were finally rescued by our friend Doug.
-Wes and Jed's wedding in Silverton!!!! Yay! So much fun and lots of work! It could not have been a more perfect day. Not a dry eye during the ceremony.
-Odin turned 6 months on Wesley and Jed's Wedding day. He also started to eat solids and one week later sat up on his own. He is pretty advanced for his age.
-In between all of this going on we have also photographed some amazing people, who have truly been the most ideal clients. We have had so much fun working with them and are extremely grateful for their business.

Above and below: Odin's first solid food meal

Above 1 and below 3: Wesley and Jed's pre-wedding bachelor and bachelorette events included a boy's muddy mountain bike ride on the Hermosa Creek Trail, and a ladies brunch at the Kennebec Cafe.

Below: Jed and Wes making out at the party.

Below: Steve with Odin (Right) and Mason (Odin's BFF in town from Australia)

Below 3: Getting ready for Wesley's wedding!!! (More wedding photos to come!)

Above Photo taken by Erin Smith of ELC Images

Below: The exquisite bride Wesley!!!

Below: Family portrait of Kyla, Steve and Odin taken on Wesley and Jed's wedding day also Odin's 6th month Birthday. Photo taken by photographer Samantha Lawson

Below: A lot of Odin's friends were in town for the Wedding. Left to right Mason, Juliet and Odin loving having a picture taken together.

Odin's first day sitting up on his own!!!