Saturday, November 9, 2013

Asher James Jenkinson has arrived!!

"Asher James Jenkinson: 9lbs 4oz of perfect! To have this most precious boy as the newest addition to our family made the last week of my life one of the best, if not the best. I have a new birth story!!! Between Asher and Odin's births I feel I have experienced both ends of the spectrum. I had a lot of fear about birth going into this pregnancy. One of the first things I told my midwife (Juanita) after we found out we were pregnant was "I am already nervous about giving birth again." With the guidance and encouragement of an amazing circle of women friends I eventually created this affirmation for my birth: "My birth is beautiful, safe and sacred. I surrender. My baby comes with ease and grace." I repeated this in my head after every contraction I had starting at 9:30pm on November 2nd. I tried to sleep. By the time I was in active labor around 4:30am, I could only pull a few key words from my affirmation: surrender, ease and grace. Asher was maybe more ready then I was to make an introduction. I was fearful I would have to push for hours like I did with Odin, but this is a new story. My affirmation worked and my sweet boy entered this world after only 6 minutes of pushing. It is possible!!! I was waiting for someone to hand him to me, but Juanita encouraged me to reach down and pick him up myself. I was the first to hold my 9lb 4oz bundle of perfect. Born at 8:40am on November 3rd. I am proud of myself, and my strong son, who we have nicknamed “Beef” short for Beefcake. 
Thank you Beef for giving me the most empowering experience of my life! Thank you birth team (Steve, Wesley, Mom, Juanita and Annie) for your support and for allowing the process. I love and appreciate you all!"
"Life gives us many miracles. Being at the birth of my grandson, Asher James, was a miracle of life changing proportions.  I was honored to be at such a sacred event.  And I’m forever grateful to my “nurse angel” friend, Karen, for giving me the following advice: stay focused, help with your daughter’s needs, and keep the emotions separate! I kept these words of wisdom in my head during Kyla’s labor and delivery. BUT a mother’s protective nature is powerful and I wanted to “make it all better” when her contractions were excruciatingly painful. I breathed every deep breath right along with her and when she boldly told her midwife, “Juanita, I have to push!” I clenched my jaw and held my breath. After the hours of contractions, the six minutes of pushing and Kyla reaching over to get her baby, and then laying him on her chest, the emotional wave crashed over me and I began to cry.   I had just witnessed a life, so innocent and beautiful, come into this world. Kyla, I’m so proud of you and blessed that I could be involved in the birth of Asher James Jenkinson. 
It’s a boy!"
~ Judi Jackson aka JuJu

"My sister is and always has been my favorite teacher. I learn nearly everything from her and I consider myself an extremely blessed woman to have her as my fearless leader. It is an honor to have been at both Odin and Asher's births, not only because there is nothing like holding a brand new baby and my bond with my nephews is stronger because I have kissed them within minutes of their first breaths, but also because I have been taught by the most amazing women how to bring precious life into this world healthily, consciously and confidently. Kyla, you are my hero, you are so strong and brave and as always, I aspire to be like you. I love you."


  1. Oh Kyla...I feel so blessed that you shared the birth of Asher with us via words and photos....It is truly divine! I am overcome with the miracle of birth (once more) and so happy for you and your family. You are a very "special" person and I feel so honored to be your friend. And by the way:)...I think since you are getting so good at this birthing business that you need to add #3 and #4 to your family so that many more children will have the blessing of being raised in your family! Love you always, Jan

  2. These photos are so very precious! It made me cry with celebration and love for your sweet family and memories of my daughters own birthing experiences. I was so blessed to be a part of it and will forever be grateful to witness the miracle and bonding of a family. I am very happy for all 4 of you! Love your friend, Anita

  3. Oh how wonderful... I just bawled looking at these pictures, thank you for sharing them with us. Love all of you guys... Brenda xxxx

  4. Congratulations!! I'm glad to hear the birth went well! Beautiful quotes from your mother and Wesley - I'm sobbing over here! Beef (ha!) is a beautiful babe and he's very lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing and talented family!

  5. Congratulations!! He is so cute..... ^_________^

  6. Oh my goodness. Thank you for posting these I have been waiting for them. All of them are beautiful. Congratulations for hard work well done Ky.
    Love, Aunt Janet

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