Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bicycles Built for Two

More photos from this lovely couple whom I adore. Amie and Jeff rode the Iron Horse Bike Race on Saturday. We got a few cute shots before the ride and then off they went, engagement ring, pink spokes and all!!! I loved that they wanted to incorporate bikes and fishing into their photos. Fun things that keep them happy. Of course the train needed to be part of the experience as well since if it weren't for the train, there would be no Iron Horse.

The coolest thing for me was that I had met Amie already, but I didn't know it until I showed up for the photo shoot. Two years ago, when my mom was in the hospital, Amie was part of the enormous crew that helped save her life and get her home in time for my wedding. Since Amie had already ridden the Iron Horse THREE times she was assigned to my mom's case because she is familiar with Durango and could help pinpoint the cause of mom's sickness. I have a huge amount of gratitude for Amie and all the doctors at University Hospital and I am thrilled that she has found such an wonderful man to share her hobbies and her humor with. Congratulations Jeff and Amie!!!

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