Monday, September 24, 2012

Ms. Long

This woman!!! She has such beauty and grace, which is what she brings to this world by just being herself and in the work that she produces at her flower shop, April's Garden. Wesley and I feel so lucky to know and work with Amy. She is a valuable person to have in your life both personally and professionally for many reasons, but today I would like to highlight her patience. Amy, a trooper, braved cool mountain water to start the shoot off and later a bit of rain. Neither of these natural elements seemed to worry Amy a bit. Zula was her companion for the shoot. She was the perfect counter part to have along for this type of adventure. For the most part Zula was supportive and attentive except when distracted by the occasional whistle pig. Adding Amy to the Photo Divine Mafia is an honor indeed.


  1. Inspiring! Beautiful woman, beautiful photography!