Friday, July 13, 2012

The Newest Members of the Photo Divine Mafia in San Francisco

We have expanded the realm of our work and friendships into the marvelous city of San Francisco thanks to the inspiration of one woman, best known as Sadie Kay. Photo Divine thrived in SF, because no matter what outrageous costumes these women marched down the streets in, the only heads they were turning were those of the tourists. It seemed as though there was nothing that could shock the locals, which was perfect because it allowed us to go about our merry way quite freely.

These ladies are magical. They are webbed together by beautiful friendships. They like to play dress-up. They spend a large chunk of the year preparing costumes for Burning Man. They are playful, fun and all seem hopelessly in love with this amazing city and with each other. Costumes aside, there was still transformation that occurred in each shoot. Made-up or raw the beauty of each woman unfolded and enchanted us all. For Wesley and I, there is nothing more rewarding then creating a photograph of a woman that shocks her, because she suddenly sees herself as stunning. Sometimes it just takes a little ruby red lipstick, sometimes it takes a good photographer and sometimes it takes a Photo Divine experience.

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