Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Niki and John ~ Durango Engagement Shoot

Turns out I went to college with Niki and John! They were in the forestry department at NAU and I was in the parks and rec department (same building). We overlapped maybe a year or so of school, so I have no doubt that we passed each other in the hallways. I love small world connections almost more than wine with lunch; doesn't happen all the time, but it is awesome when it does! :)

The other thing I love is how much John enjoyed this shoot. He got to kiss his beautiful bride-to-be over and over and over again! How sweet is that! Kyla and I cannot wait until their wedding in September. It is impossible to find a kinder, more laid back couple with great style, cleaver ideas and a badass dog with a mustache!

Thanks Niki and John! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


  1. No way! Congrats Nikki and John!
    These two are great! Much love Simon S.

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