Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kyla and the Cantaloupe

We are halfway there. Yay! 20 weeks in and still counting. This week we read that the baby is the size of a cantaloupe. A hungry cantaloupe. In another 20 weeks we will no longer have to compare our baby to the size of fruit, but for now it is kinda fun. Wesley helped us celebrate the halfway mark by taking some photos of me. Our first official documentation of the pregnancy. We have kept this one on the low for as long as possible. Last year Steve and I experienced a miscarriage. Heartbreaking. This time around we kept things a bit more intimate to start out with. Now, however my belly is looking more and more like I swallowed a whole cantaloupe and less like a beer belly. So out with it, we are pregnant. :)

This would explain a few things:
1. We have had no social life. Mainly because all of my energy goes to eating, sleeping and working. There is nothing left over. I've been warned this may not change for awhile. Yikes!
2. On numerous occasions I have had to nap for an entire day after shooting a wedding.
3. I seem to have lost the ability to multitask.
4. I am hungry all the time and nothing ever sounds good.

The good news is:
1. I cannot explain in words the depth of love that I feel right now for my amazing husband Steve. I truly could not have picked a better partner for to create a family with. He has been extremely supportive and excited through this process.
2. I feel a very similar love for the unborn baby that is growing inside of me now. I am really excited to see what he/she looks like, but I kinda like that it is in a safe place where I can monitor it and compare it to fruit.
3. I am currently the only one that can feel the baby kick. :)
4. This is the first grand baby and great grand baby on my side of the family.
5. Wesley is going to be an Auntie. YAY!!! She too has been extremely supportive and understanding at my lack of energy lately. Taking the reigns. Love her!


  1. these are such beautiful photos Wesley! (and Kyla!) I've said it in person, but I'll say it again. Congrats! :)

  2. Fab photo's Ky
    They grow them Canteloupe big in Colorado!
    Kev & Maria

  3. Kyla, you look so cute!!! Congrats! I'm so excited for you! I have been thinking about you recently, I even looked at your website just yesterday for quite awhile. You're so talented and I miss ya!

  4. Yay Kyla & Steve!! You look BEAUTIFUL Kyla and you're going to be such an amazing Mom. I love you and Wesley heaps- keep the pics of the growing bump coming! xoxox Jaime

  5. You are an absolute rockstar!! So beautiful!