Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wesley's Turn

Wesley and Jed's photo

On Wednesday last week, Jed found out that he had two days off. It took us an hour and a half to pack our bikes and camping gear and head to the hills. We drove up Guenella Pass, which is just outside of Grant, CO. Six miles up the road we pulled over and started riding. We spent most of the up-hill climb pushing our bikes, but the scenery replaced the frustration so we hadn't a care in the world. We reached an alpine meadow and took a break to explore old mining cabins. As we were gathering our bike gear, Jed began to fumble around in his backpack. I was preoccupied with breaking my sunglasses and didn't notice what he pull out of the bag. Before I knew it we were holding each other and he was shaking so bad that he couldn't figure out which hand to put the ring on. Our dogs started howling to confirm that they approved and we finished the best bike ride of both our lives. That evening we drove to the end of the road and took the panoramic shot of, what now in my mind, is the best place ever!!!

Ryanne, his lovely and unbelievably talented sister made the ring featured here. The stone in the middle is from an earring she gave me several Christmas's ago that my dear friend, Brit lost down the sink of our old house in Flagstaff. I loved those earrings so much that Ryanne turned it into my very own engagement ring! She and Jed added a couple of brown diamonds to the sides and the negative space in the band makes two hearts (a happy accident:) )

Wesley's Photo