Monday, June 7, 2010

Carly's Surprise Bachelorette ~ Bachelorette Party Photographer

I hope that we all have people in our lives that can make us laugh, be strait with us, and show up for us in all the ways one can hope that a friend will. Carly is one of those unique people who does that for me. I took on the role of event planner to surprise Carly for her bachelorette party. My initial idea was to have a boudoir batchelorette photo shoot extravaganza, but she just has too many friends and we did not have enough time. Then while on a photo shoot at Fox Fire Farms I discovered their recently finished wine tasting room, a perfect location for a fun girl event. I asked everyone invited to bring their favorite block of cheese or appetizer. We purchased the wine at Fox Fire and enjoyed a lovely afternoon of giggles, girlfriends and gorgeous views. It was as though we were transported to Tuscany. I would highly encourage you to check out this new hidden gem. The staff there are truly amazing and made a huge effort to make our "special event" unbelievable.

Above: Our bride in her provided attire.

Above: The wine menu.

Above: The group. Nothing like contrasty light on faces, but check out our view for the afternoon!


  1. What a fabulous afternoon- I am blessed to have such women in my life!

  2. Oh girls!!!! You out did yourselves! Love it!!!!! And, Ms., love, love, the fou-fou outfit! You rocked it! xxoo

  3. the panties :-))