Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deliciously Weird 3rd Annual Art show

There are a couple of things you need to know. My girlfriend Carson keeps a pen and pad of paper near her at all times. This is important because on this pad she writes down ideas as they spontaneously enter her brain, and from these ideas she creates magical things. One example of these things is the event "Deliciously Weird." An art show where artists have one night to display their work. Should they sell their piece the artist takes home ALL of the profit.

At the door a suggested donation of $5 is collected. The door collections have gone to a non-profit organizations of Carson's choice. This year she choose the "Judi Jackson Cancer Fund" (My Mom.) In addition to the door collections, my Aunt and my Mom's good friend and artist Krista Harris added another fund raising idea. Krista donated a painting to the show and 100% of the proceeds would go toward the cancer fund. My Mom loved the painting, so my Aunt decided that we should see if people were interested in putting money towards the painting that would then go to my Mom when she returns from the hospital in Denver in about four months. All together we raised over $3,600 for my Mom's cancer fund. WOW!!! Durango goes over the top in good deeds again!

What about that lady with the pen and pad of paper? What did Carson Jones profit? Well, she did not take home one cent. You might be asking yourself "Do people like Carson really exist?" I would be asking the same question if I didn't know her personally, but trust me she exists. The day after the show she told me that her heart was filled with joy and then said, "The best part of the night was that I saw a real Kyla smile on your face for the first time in a long time."

Thank you Carson Jones. I know I am not the only person that you can make smile. Causing smiles is just one of your many talents. You are such an amazing person and an extraordinary giver. I am so grateful to have you in my life. I love you to bits!

Above: My art piece on the leaft sold. I donated 100% of the proceeds into my Mom's fund. Thanks art investors! Right Tim Kapustka's art piece that sold to my husband Steve, which meant another donation into the fund. Thanks Tim!!!

Deliciously Weird? :)

Above and below: Carson and Kyla

Above: A mutual response when asked "What would you like to tell cancer?"

Above: Gary, Laurie and Steve wearing the famous hat of the evening.

Above: Look closely.

Above: Two famous artists in Durango (and friends of our family) Krista and Susan.

Above: Jaime and Stacy (also family friends and supporters of Judi Jackson)

Above: Ms. Jones enjoy a lolly pop.

Above: Photographer extraordinaire Sophie Mohr