Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bringing in 2010 NYC Style!!!

I was so pleased to find photos that I liked in the collection of images I took while visiting the big apple. Our trip went by so fast I felt like it was all just a delicious dream. Turns out it was real and we actually accomplished a lot in our week there thanks to our rockstar friends Carly and Mark who kept us up into the wee hours of the morning drinking Manhattans and other fun beverages. They also did an astounding job of keeping our bellies full and our taste buds happy. In addition to good food and drinks we had a long over due catch up with my cousin and soon-to-be Broadway star Maegan, as well as our long time friends Kate and Shelby. Happy 2010!!!

Above: Our first brunch location. That's right, that cabinet was full of tasty treats. I had an omelet and a triple chocolate mousse extravaganza for breakfast. YUMMM!!

Above: Our tour guide Carly Remarkable.

Above: Kyla and Carly. Photo courtesy of Mark Stroud (aka Remarkable)

Above: Read his sign. :)

Above: OMG!!! This was just a small portion of the cheese section at the store near Carly and Mark's apartment. The prices were awesome for extraordinary cheese. This was a dream!

Above: Meagan and Kyla in the street. The first night we met up with Maegan. Photo courtesy of Steve Jenkinson.

Above: Carly, Mark, Maegan and Steve.

Above: Full Moon

Above: Carly working the camera

Above: New Years Eve

Above and Below: ground zero ~ I was a bit teary at this point

Above and Below: The museum was one of my favorite locations to photograph. :)

Above: Kyla and Steve on the subway

Above: NYC from the top of the Rockefeller Center.

Above: Palm reading anyone?

Above: Night shots are my favorite. The two above were taken near Carry Bradshaw's Apartment. :)

Above: The best tour guides ever. We will call them "The Remarkables"