Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PHOTO DIVINE .com and 20 seconds of fame!

On Monday our website for Photo Divine finally launched. Friday night the Women's Resource Center held a "Girls Night Out" to raise money. Wesley and I volunteered to photograph the evening. We also photographed some of the "extraordinary women" who's images were blown up and put on posters that were displayed at the event center. Being that it was "Girls Night Out" we decided it would be the perfect night to launch Photo Divine. So we set up a display. I don't think that anyone knew it was our launching night except for us, but it felt great to have a launching party amongst such amazing women. Wendie Malick was the guest speaker for the evening. We handed our cameras off to friends Carson and Heather to get in our 20 seconds of fame with Wendie. She later told our mom that we were "the life of the party," but we are sure she tells everyone that. ;)

Wesley and I took turns posing for each other since we both looked really cute that evening!

I decided to blog two images of myself, because in this one you can see my whole outfit.

There we are in our 20 seconds of fame! Wendie looks like she is really excited to have her photo with us.

Rachel viewing her 30x45 image of herself on our display. Surprise! Looking good sista!

Part of the entertainment of the evening included performances from the Bare Bones Burlesque and Salt Fire Circus.

The food was catered by the Yellow Carrot and almost looked too beautiful to eat, but that usually makes us want to eat it more!