Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gateway Photo Divine

Wesley and I are adding a new branch to our business called The Photo Divine Group. We have had difficulty describing what "Photo Divine" is mostly because you need to have an experience with us to understand the magnitude of what we are trying to do. In essence we are creating imagery of women that honors each woman's current state of being. Through the process of the photo shoot we celebrate and empower each woman and the beauty that she brings to this world. We gathered some friends who agreed to help us develop some images for this process and participate in a desert retreat. They were an amazing group and each brought unique skills that made the weekend incredible. We are interested in constructing another retreat that would help us build up some more imagery for our new website. The cost would include travel and accommodation, but we would not be charging for our services. So, if you are interested in participating or know someone that would be please contact us.


  1. YES YES YES! Way to go ladies! And so the Mafia begins. Love you both!

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