Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First book publishing!

I was so excited this morning when I picked up my mail and received a copy of "Extraordinary Healers" a book published through CURE Magazine. Last fall I was approached by the graphic designer for CURE (Glenn Zamora) to do a photo shoot of Shannon Harris-Salazar. Shannon is a nurse working with Southwest Oncology in Durango, Colorado. She was nominated to be celebrated in Extraordinary Healers by Karen Binger, the wife of Shannon's patient Bill. Reading Karen's story in the book made me teary. How lucky we are to have such an amazing variety of healers in Durango, CO. I am excited to read more of the stories in the book. The photos below were the two images published. "Sushi" is Karen's therapy dog who brings a lot of smiles to Karen's patients. To learn more visit: