Tuesday, June 3, 2008

L.A. Meets Mrs. Jenkinson

May 1-4 2008:
An invitation to an awards ceremony in Las Angeles is hard to pass up, especially when in support of Durango's very own one-of-a-kind black and white magazine, Arts Perspective. Therefore Kyla took the invite to the Maggies as an opportunity to spend quality time with the dearly loved director, Heather Leavitt and editor, Sonja Horoshko. The girls obviously enjoyed their time mingling with artists, art collectors, gallery owners, and Kyla and Wesley's photogenic cousins.

Below: Molly Barns in front of a portrait of herself. This painting is part of Molly's art collection displayed at Pharmaka, a downtown art gallery in L.A. Check out more about this awesome woman by visiting Pharmaka's website: www.pharmaka-art.org

Below: Shane Guffogg, Pharmaka's founder and president. Shane opened this not-for-profit gallery in one of the worst drug traffic corners in downtown L.A. Of course you would never know it walking into Pharmaka's space of light, energy and art. Shane hopes to bring more artists to his part of town and is currently working to create spaces to rent where artists can afford to do their art.

Shane Guffogg and Rebecca O'Leary. Rebecca O'Leary is the Gallery Director. Both Shane and Rebecca were up for an improv photo shoot.

Shanon, Kyla and Becky (cousins)

Shanon and Daniel (likely to be a cousin-in-law)


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